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Cilantro Lime Rice

Ingredients: white rice, long or short grain, fresh cilantro, fresh lime juice, water, oil, salt

Appliances: Instant Pot (confession: I am terrible at making rice the old fashioned way, so if you're good at it please send me tips!)

Instructions: Using sauté setting on your pot, heat oil and sauté 2 cups rice for 2 minutes, add chopped cilantro, lime juice, salt and 2 cups water and mix gently. Gather the rice to the center of the pot and leave in a pile - it will be wet from mixing and will cook nicely. You want most of the water to have contact with the bottom of your instant pot stainless steel insert. This is key. If there is not enough water in contact with the bottom it is hard to create enough pressure and you will not get the button to seal properly to pressure cook the rice. (The same holds true when using anything tomato based - I will make sure to stress this in future recipes with the Instant Pot as well).

Cooking Time and Setting: Place lid securely on Instant Pot, turn knob to sealing, and using manual setting choose high pressure and 5 minutes time. Allow to natural release when complete and turn off the "keep warm" feature if serving right away. I usually do not let the "keep warm" feature run when cooking rice, as it dries out too much. If you leave it sit in the pot the rice will hold the heat for quite a long time, so it should be fine if you don't serve immediately. Also - I never use the quick release for rice. It will definitely be al dente if you do this.


white rice - brown rice, quinoa (adjust cooking times)

fresh cilantro - frozen cilantro, or fresh or dried parsley (cilantro is not for everyone)

fresh lime juice - bottled or fresh, or bottled lemon juice


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