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Now is the time.

With everyone scrambling to boost their immunity during this scary COVID-19 pandemic, it's led me to do a lot of thinking over the last week and a half. On March 7th, my entire family met at a restaurant in PA to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday. There was no talk of a pandemic, or even a virus for that matter. It just was not on anyone's radar. We sat at the restaurant and talked about a lot of things; laughed, ate, had a great time. We took a trip to buy some organic wine, then met back at my parents' home to continue the family gathering and celebrate both my parents' March birthdays. No one had sterile gloves on, or sterile masks either. Not the servers at the restaurant or liquor store, the patrons, or my family. Fast forward to 12 days later and here we are. Is this some kind of wake-up call thrown at us from mother earth? The universe?

As you all know, I believe in mind / body / spirit / diet for good health. And my own personal belief system when it comes to food in particular, is that many health problems can be resolved through food alone. Again, just my opinion. But that's the point of this whole website. On a positive note, if there can be one here, in my travels through the grocery stores this past weekend, I noticed the junk food shelves were fully stocked, and what was missing were the frozen vegetables and the meat and healthy grains. I'll have many more posts on food and recipes and cooking short-cuts for everyone and what we can all do to stay on top of our health through my favorite type of food - the homemade kind. Now is the time to make the positive changes and make them stick.


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