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Our current situation...

I hope you and your families are all doing well. There is not much I can say here, but I felt the need to post something, as my goal is always staying healthy and helping all of you do the same. I have a few thoughts on the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic that may help you.

  • First and foremost, take a deep breath and don't fall victim to the panic that seems to be overtaking society.

  • Follow the experts' suggestions with hand-washing and disinfecting, and quarantining yourself if you do contract this virus (or anything that resembles it at this point).

  • Stay informed on the latest. If you do find yourself feeling anxious or overwhelmed though, please turn off the news and stay off of social media for a while.

  • Prepare yourself and your household for the current situation, which is to purchase what you will need in case you do get sick and can't get to the store for a couple of weeks.

  • Help each other - a sense of community is a huge part of overall health and well-being. Check on a neighbor and see if they need anything. Keep being generous and kind. We all need each other, and this virus is going to eventually subside, God-willing, like every other one has in history, and we'll all still be here with each other, needing each other.

I wish everyone continued good health. Talk soon...


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