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Pandemic and mental well being...

It's been a while since my last post. Hopefully everyone is doing well. I am starting to really notice the mental aspects of this pandemic and how it has affected the people I'm surrounded by. Everyone seems to be very stressed with businesses opening up a little bit, but with many restrictions and precautions. It would be really nice to be "back to normal" instead of having to wear a face mask everywhere you go and talking to people behind plastic barricades. I for one do not enjoy the face mask aspect of this current health crisis AT ALL. I find it to be useful as far as cutting down on breathing in germs, but that's where it ends for me. I am lucky, as my husband has been doing about 90%+ of the grocery shopping for our household.

These trying times have taught us a lot as a family. It's shown us that we really do have a solid family unit, and we truly enjoy each others' company. My husband and I have been cooking together more, and he has been doing a lot of grilling. We have spent countless hours in our yard with our kids (my son, daughter, and my son's girlfriend) playing games, sitting around our fire pit and eating meals outdoors. We have loosened up the last couple of weeks with my kids getting takeout a couple of times, and even visited relatives and had family over for the last month on the weekends.

I admit it has been hard for me to feel inspired, as far as wanting to post here on my blog and website. In the last month I have definitely come around though and have been more positive about things. It helped that I turned off the news and press conferences. I had had enough. Now I "cherry pick" the articles I read and news stories I'll watch about this virus. It's important to remember that your mental well being contributes to your overall health during times like this. Stay well and take care.


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