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Thankful for Changes

How do you feel about change in your life? As I get older I seem to like it less and less. But life throws us curveballs and all we can do is try to adapt and keep moving. What choice do we have?

In the last several months my family and I found out we had to move from our home of 24 years, find a new home, and move our grown family and all of our STUFF of 24 years. Thankfully we are fairly organized and we were able to consolidate, purge some, recycle, and donate before we made our move. Moving day doesn’t usually go off without a hitch for most, but it was a good day and we managed to have fun. But we definitely don’t want to do that again anytime soon. We moved 25 miles further northwest in NJ and bought a home that we love and have been working to personalize it nonstop. We are really thankful for all of our great family and friends who were so kind with gifts, phone calls and worrying about us. We are settling in and really enjoying our new forever home. I found a job closer to home and just started this week. I did not want to learn how to do anything new at this age, but life happens and like I said, you adapt.

I hope you are all doing well and I wish a peaceful month for everyone with the upcoming holidays. Take time to rest and be in the moment.



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