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What serves you?

The last few months have been stressful to many. So, I'm here to ask you from a health standpoint...What serves you?

I would really like you to take a moment and reflect on that and try to answer it. I know that I have had to do a little soul searching to be honest with myself on that one. I have also had to make some changes in my life, as what I was currently doing was not serving me fully.

I went back to my no added sugar, no grain way of eating. I started taking some supplements and a probiotic (disclaimer: this is not health advice, ask your doctor if you want to try that). I have started taking short walks throughout my day because that is what I can fit in and does not zap my energy. Even if it is only a 10 minute walk two or three times daily. On the weekends I love a 5 mile trek. I have been researching the benefits of "slow exercise". Walking at a slow rate, carrying weights instead of lifting them (reps), yoga/stretching, natural exercise using your own body as the weight.

Another thing I have done which has made a big difference - I removed all social media apps from my smart phone. They're still on my iPad and I enjoy going on them for a few minutes in the a.m. and p.m., but I no longer hop on throughout the day. It can become addictive for some people and I tend to be "that person". I also unfollowed many pop culture accounts and kept all my health/nerd/science accounts I follow and also followed some new ones. It has really lifted my spirits! Health podcasts are also something I've been listening to more of lately. There are some great ones on Spotify and the Podcast app on iPhone. Check it out, it's as simple as searching for health terms on the apps!

I hope this post has helped you. Be well and have a great day!


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