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Should I wear a face mask?

The short answer - yes. Every time you leave the house. Even when walking for exercise or getting outdoors for fresh air. And especially when going to the grocery store or pharmacy, or anywhere indoors. Everyone else is doing the same thing you are, as everyone is starting to get cabin fever. Even if people are still working their normal schedule at their jobs, not being able to go wherever we want to socialize or for entertainment will start to affect all of us. Getting outside in the fresh air is essential for good physical and mental health. Bring a mask with you and use it when other people are around. Use your computer or smart phone to Google some information about the importance of this simple tool - a face mask - to protect yourself and those around you. There are also many DIY videos on making your own. Make sure to wash fabric homemade masks each day in hot water and scent free detergent. And also keep practicing good hand washing and remember to avoid touching your face. Below is a link to a podcast that is a little long, but gives great info on coping skills and mechanisms and the reasons why they work, for keeping calm during this stressful time (if there is a problem with the link let me know ). I hope you all are well and please reach out if you need to.


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